Provider Care Line
Medical Professionals Billing is dedicated to helping the financial growth and continued success of your practice.

Insurance Benefit Verification

Did you know that 30% of your revenue is collected at the front desk? While everything you do as a medical provider focuses on excellent patient care and service, Medical Professionals Billing puts the emphasis on protecting you by making sure you get what you are owed and deserve. Our billing specialists take a comprehensive approach to insurance benefit verification including, but not limited to, the patient’s deductible amount met and remaining, coverage after deductible, visit limitations, combined benefits, and hard visit limits.

We document all information in regard to coverage. We will even tell you how much you should collect in an effort to ease the payment process so you can focus on doing what you do best—providing patient care. Collecting fees for your service is a full-time job and one that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Rising fees, lower insurance reimbursements, and ever-changing healthcare regulations have made it harder for providers to get paid. Medical Professionals Billing is here to shoulder the burden of seeing to it that you get paid.

Insurance Claims Submission

Medical Professionals Billing is dedicated to helping the financial growth and continued success of your practice. We handle all private insurance, Medicare and workers compensation claims and keep in constant contact with the payers in an effort to collect payment on the first claim. We make most insurance claim submissions electronically for prompt payment and prevention of costly denials. By providing a custom daily charge log designed especially for physical and occupational therapists, we help you stay organized by knowing exactly what services are covered. We implement strategies to reduce administrative costs and hassles while ensuring that your practice receives the maximum, accurate and timely reimbursement from insurance companies.

By submitting claims electronically, we can eliminate substantial delays in insurance claims processing as most insurance companies give priority to electronic claims versus paper claims.

We streamline the process to avoid delays in payment. Our professional billing staff takes a proactive approach to submitting claims in a timely manner, while preventing mistakes resulting in rejections or denials.

Patient Statements

Medical Professionals Billing keeps the process efficient by giving you the opportunity to view patient statements before they are sent out. Our software creates easy-to-read statements showing date, method, and amount of payment, questions arise regarding their account. Implementation of consistent patient statement and billing means a continuous flow of revenue for you, the provider. All this in an effort to give you better control over patient balances, as well as past-due accounts.

Collections & Follow-up

Medical Professionals Billing wants to help you recover your costs without destroying your profit margin or losing patients. It is the goal of our medical billing experts to efficiently determine the nature of any rejected claims to quickly come to a resolution on payment and expedite the collections process. What matters is what is best for you and your practice.

We follow-up aggressively on claims that are denied. By filing appeals with call reference numbers, letters of medical necessity, and writing letters to individual insurance companies we make sure you get reimbursed. We also utilize electronic claims submission for the sake of clarity, efficiency, and proof of the submission and will continue to follow-up on unpaid claims until you are satisfied with the resolution.