Provider Care Line


Q: I have a very busy private practice, and am ready to switch to a new billing service. How would the transition to Medical Professionals Billing work?

A: Most billers require a 30 day notice, so once you’ve taken care of that with your previous biller, we will let you know everything needed to get started. We begin by re-verifying all benefits, and confirming your insurance contracts. We are in constant communication with your office every step of the way to ensure fast and maximum cash flow back into your business.

Q: I am a single private practice provider just starting out; does Medical Professionals Billing charge a monthly minimum fee?

A: No. Medical Professionals Billing only charges a percentage on the payments received during that month, there is no minimum charge or fee.

Q: I have a large percentage of “cash” patients, how does Medical Professionals Billing handle that?

A: If your patient is strictly a “cash” patient and would not require Medical Professionals Billing to do any work, you would not be charged anything for that patient.

Q: My current biller charges me the same percentage for payments posted as they do for “courtesy write-offs” that I might give a patient. Does Medical Professionals Billing also do that?

A: No. Medical Professionals Billing only charges a percentage on money received by the provider.

Q: Are there any “set-up” fees to get my billing started with Medical Professionals Billing?

A: No. Medical Professionals Billing doesn’t get paid until after the provider gets paid!

Q: After I switch to Medical Professionals Billing from my previous biller, how will I know which EOB’s & payments to forward to which biller?

A: It will be based on the DOS. Payments for DOS on and after the start date should be forwarded to Medical Professionals Billing for posting. Payments for DOS prior to the start date with Medical Professionals Billing should be forwarded to your previous biller for posting.

Q: I am considering becoming a participating provider with Medicare. Does Medical Professionals Billing handle that enrollment process? Is there a fee for that?

A: Yes and yes. Some providers choose to handle their enrollments, but we do offer it as an added service and we do have a charge associated with that lengthy enrollment process. Please contact our office for details.

Q: How quickly are benefits verified and returned to me?

A: Usually same day (depending on the time zone for the insurance company), but definitely by the end of the following business day.

Q: Are the patient statements easy to understand?

A: Yes! The patients statements are easy to understand and can be printed a few different ways. You can choose the option that best meets your needs and your preference.